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Sheila Johnson, MS, LMFT, CSAC, LBWMT
Marriage & Family Therapist

Sheila has over 25 years working with the mind and body. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed clinical substance abuse counselor and licensed massage therapist and bodyworker she integrates “traditional” psychotherapy and counseling approaches with massage therapy and bodywork techniques. Sheila believes that therapy can and should be an enjoyable process despite the serious nature of the subjects addressed in psychotherapy. Her triple licensure allows her to bring an entirely different way to treat many issues. Specifically, hands on work uses the body as a portal to healing in a way that actually feels good!


Due to clients’ (and insurance companies) desire for quick improvements she provides longer term integrative approaches in addition to evidence-based, short-termed, solution-focused talk therapies.


She joined The Psychology Clinic in 2015 after working at world class UW Behavioral Health and Recovery, where she continues to contribute on a part time basis.


You can find more information about Sheila’s approach and answers to your questions at

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