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About Us

About Us

The Psychology Clinic, Inc. is certified by the State of Wisconsin to provide outpatient mental health and substance abuse services.

Our psychologists hold doctoral degrees in psychology and are licensed as psychologists by the State of Wisconsin.

Our psychotherapists have master's degrees and are state licensed in Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, or Professional Counseling.


Our prescribers are board certified and state licensed as psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants.



Any information a client discloses to his or her therapist is confidential (private) and cannot be released without the client's permission, except as required by law.  Our staff can answer any questions you may have about the 
confidentiality of treatment records.




A fee for service is charged based on length and type of appointment with a therapist or psychiatrist.  The Psychology Clinic, Inc. accepts most major health insurance plans.  Alternative payment methods are available for clients to meet financial obligations not covered by insurance.

What to Expect



Upon contacting The Psychology Clinic, Inc., our staff will set up an appointment for you with a therapist to whom you have been referred or one that best matches your areas of concerns for treatment.  At your first appointment, your therapist will discuss confidentiality of treatment information and the fees for services.  Your therapist will also fully discuss your areas of concerns, the services they offer, and begin to set up a detailed plan to meet your treatment goals.  A referral to psychiatry for a medication evaluation may also be made at this time, if necessary.


Our Commitment To Diversity and Inclusivity

At The Psychology Clinic, we understand that fostering a diverse and inclusive environment is essential to the growth of our staff and those whom we serve in our communities. In order to create lasting and enduring personal and social change, we seek to fully understand the many ways that individual identity, culture, society and systemic forces are shaping our perspectives and lived experiences; as well as those who trust us to take part in their journey toward personal growth and healing. We fully embrace the full human potential of every client for self-healing and ultimately self-actualization. Through ongoing professional development and eclectic treatment, we work to find the best means to help every client access the valuable personal insights that are a catalyst toward achieving their desired life changes.

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