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Kyoko Felland, PA
Physician Assistant

I graduated from UW Madison School of Medicine and Public Health with my master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies in 2017 and started working in primary care shortly thereafter, as a family medicine provider.  I started working with the Psychology Clinic in 2024 as a psychiatric prescriber to further nourish my interest in mental health treatment.   I have a special interest in compassionate and trauma-informed care, mostly stemming from my work as a CNA at an inpatient psychiatric hospital where compassion and listening strategies could be the most potent de-escalation technique available.  


The most important part of my practice in mental health is getting to know my patients, building trust and collaboration with them.  The best treatment plan, I have found, is one that patients understand and agree with.  


I work with patients 16 years and older with chronic mental health diagnoses ranging from depression, trauma, bipolar disorder, insomnia, anxiety disorders and ADHD that require medication management.  I find that most patients respond best if their care is combined with therapy, skills training, social work, etc in a collaborative setting.  


Outside of work, I love hiking with my dog and family, sometimes foraging for wild vegetables and mushrooms.  I’m a hearty believer that good food and good music can cure many ills and I am not opposed to curling up with a good book or movie in my down time. 

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