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Jesse Baker, MS, LPC

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Jesse Baker, MS, LPC
Jesse Baker is a Licensed Professional Counselor at The Psychology Clinic. He provides mental health counseling services to adults facing challenges of general anxiety, specific or social anxiety, social skills development, depression, recovery from addiction, bipolar disorder, anger management, trauma/PTSD, codependency, suicidal ideation, grief and loss, indecision, emotional dysregulation, career concerns and more. He has served many different roles in the mental health field over the past ten years (mental health counselor, crisis stabilization, case management, life skills development, psychoeducation, mental health skill-building), and he brings a well-rounded, person-centered approach to help you identify and reach your life goals while overcoming stressors and mental health challenges.  Jesse meets people where they are in life without judgment and helps them to rise above the issues they face. Using a multimodal approach that includes techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Adlerian Therapy, and Mindfulness, Jesse counsels with the idea that everyone can recover with support.
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