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Andrea Nelson, Ph.D.

It has been my privilege to help people to find meaning and peace in their lives. My role as a psychologist is to help people develop individualized plans to relieve symptoms, improve coping, and live a fulfilling life. This may mean many different things to different people and my job is to help you figure out what works for you. This may involve relationships, interests, work, spirituality, and making sense of difficult and painful experiences. I enjoy helping people continuing to develop and grow across their lifetimes. My goal is to empower clients to help themselves.


I have over 25 years’ experience helping adolescents and adults with complex problems and mental health issues including depression; grief; anxiety; psychotic disorders; neurological disorders and injuries; physical and intellectual disabilities; trauma, including domestic abuse and sexual abuse; and sex offender treatment. I provide individual, family, couples, and group therapy, assessment, and supervision. I have been licensed as a psychologist since 2008.

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