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James Black, Ph.D.

James Black, Ph.D.


Clinical Director


I have more than 20 years experience in individual, couples and family therapy including working with individuals and families in their homes, schools or workplaces. I have used EMDR therapy for more than 10 years, a stunning and innovative approach to managing trauma. I do psychological evaluations for the courts, social services and businesses. I also have extensive experience in crisis intervention counseling, parenting and relationship issues, affective disorders, and grief counseling as well as critical incident debriefings. As part of our range of programs I also do ongoing consultations for corporate management. Beyond my clinic work I am an examining psychologist for the Veterans Administration and supervising psychologist at the Emergency Services Unit at the Mental Health Center of Dane County. I also work at the Department of Psychiatry, UW-Madison, as a Clinical Assistant Professor.


The clinic we began in 1990 has grown and prospered because we put people first. We understood that success was not tied to making money, but making people's lives better and more fulfilling, helping companies take care of their workers, and focusing on the human needs of our community. We have never lost sight of that vision. We have continually redefined it to utilize new approaches, services and treatments and most importantly, to ensure we have the best clinicians available.We are proud to be starting our third decade of meeting those goals and ensuring we never lose sight of why we are in business.

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